Do you need a CI/CD server for your project or want to bring your setup to the next level? We are happy to support you with the entire CI/CD stack ranging from deploying and maintaining Jenkins or similar CI/CD servers and setting up pipelines as Code (Pipeline, JobDSL, Jenkins Job YAML). Furthermore, we are specialized in managing slaves/nodes e.g. Anroid devices to run integration tests against hardware.


We provide custom metric solutions based on Grafana. First we identify information of interest to later display them on real-time dashboards, which show exactly what you want to see! Furthermore, alerts/thresholds will notify you, so you will never loose track without acting as a watchdog.


Whether you need a webpage/webshop from scratch or want to update your current setup. happily assists you when searching the right infrastructure, web hoster, back end and template for your page or webshop. We have dealt with Wordpress, Shopware, Joomla, Hugo and similar back ends. Furthermore, security is not only about SEO for us. We are keeping track that our customers HTTPS configuration get a Qualys SSL Labs security score of A+.