Ascent is designed to encourage E2E tests for R&D cellular networks (2/3/4G) by simplifying the process of testing fundamental functionalities (CS/PS) such as making a call, sending a SMS and verify data connectivity (UP/DL) with 2 Android devices as subscribers (MS/UE).
android telecommunication testing


The Andorid Screen RECorder shall help QA engineers to document bugs more descriptive by attaching screenshots, videos and logs with ease. Furthermore, it holds some testing features, to mock battery level and charging mode and it allows using adb over WiFi with no CLI experience.
android testing reporting


Croni is a simple cron based CI server with a responsive bootstrap powered web client. It enables Continuous Integration with almost no setup, just add your build and test scripts an trigger them periodically to get a notification about errors beforehand and not while compiling.
web testing ci